Why Study Magick?

The path of the Western Mysteries is not for everybody. It requires extraordinary honesty, dedication, persistence, and a deep commitment to change. Real magick requires a fundamentally balanced personality willing to take on the challenges of accelerated growth. The decision to embark on the magickal path should never be taken lightly—once begun, there is no turning back. It is a decision to trust one’s individual experience, and to take responsibility in all areas of one’s life. From the beginning, the student will perceive that the lessons he/she most needs to learn are delivered with astonishing clarity. Along the way, the student will be presented with many tests and difficulties unique to the Magickal path. The ability to learn from these experiences and thrive is the true measure of Initiation. Unlike most forms of religion, Magick has no central written codex of laws, and offers no easy answers. The laws under which it operates are uniform, but are discovered only through direct experience. To truly begin the path, then, is to commit oneself to a lifetime of discovery and sacrifice offered without reservation. For those few with the honesty and courage to choose this path there is no turning back. One can cease to practice, but the lessons will still be delivered on schedule in the life of the person who turns away. Opening oneself to the Innerworld opens the way to change at the deepest inner levels. Without the courage to confront and change all the aspects of your own Innerworld that will be presented, the risk of confusion and self-deception is great. Undertaking such study without the foundation of a balanced personality, and without clear knowledge of the best and worst aspects of one’s self, could be gambling with your sanity. Until you know firmly who you are, why take such a risk? Magick has a way of calling in old business that must be cleared before serious work can begin, and many who approach it decide to stop when they first experience encounter such obligations. Not everyone will find that dire consequences immediately ensue when they choose the Magickal Path. For those who choose it rightly, the speed at which things clear in their lives will be experienced with a distinct sense of relief. Magick is powerful, but it is foolish to undertake it as a quest for increased personal power. If you desire to be a master, rather than a servant, Magick is not for you. Before beginning, ask yourself, “What do I intend to do with my Magick?” Make no mistake, the only true answer for real magicians is “I desire to serve Spirit and humankind, and I am willing to take the risks to complete that service.”


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