Simple: Christian wives network.

Mirrors - Freudian-Bernays network & New Hampshire System - Sep 2015 fifth week spins - A perfect family to be an icon.

Christian wives network is a very strong network in USA - American media purposefully hide it from public view.

There is this pretty screwed up concept - a perfect family to be a presidential family and the system would go to enormous length in weeding out the rebellious ones.

And look at the end effect - most of the rape in USA happens in army. Why? Because this other section of "white women" who prefer to be silent witness or partner in crime. The system is going on great lengths that it remains a secret.

Remember they are happy to talk about men fucking men or woman fucking woman - it stills guards the secret. But it is the battered woman is considered too dangerous - because wife has a larger view - that is very typical of GCHQ.

Never ever trust a woman who forgives her husband adultery. A Christian woman would never ever do it - not in USA. And USA military is so screwed up one that they would have chaplins to give "christian dimension" but would be doing all the crimes in the world with priests turning a blind eye to them.

Remember USA would be going to at least three wars there are no doubts about it - but "blowback" would be very severe this time due to social media.

Why battered woman still live a family wed lock - because weaker sex would not have enough courage for change.

See they would not have a product to show to audience - they would be ashamed of being ashamed in people eyes.

The question is why they should care about people? It is their life if people deny social acceptance screw them - it is a free country.

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