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It looked like my old Sharp 2001 television was ready to konk out, so I spent all day today figuring out how to use my old DVD recorder and VCR (still working but showing signs of konking out) to dub my Japanese production on videocassette about my ancestors with English subtitles onto DVDs. It took me a loooong time to figure out how to do this. But I managed to do it after I almost gave up! This will save me lots of time on research and I may just go ahead and continue my work on my audio book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. I just wanted to have that movie in a form that I could use and I have it now on DVD and am downloading the movie from DVD to my computer. So if my T.V. and VCR konk out, I haven't lost this valuable movie, which is a 35 hours mini-series in Japanese about my ancestors! When I realized that my television might die on me, I decided to make it top priority to get this production on DVD ASAP, and stop what I was doing, which was to type in the English subtitles by watching it on the old TV and typing the subtitles in on the computer version I have of the movie.

I now have it in a safe form and plan to back it up on my computer as well. Jesus won't let me buy a new T.V. So I am watching T.V. now on my computer, because I get a better picture. My old T.V. is going to konk out soon.

One of the videocassettes I had of the Japanese production is already messed up, but fortunately I have that on my computer. Now-a-days, you need to have your movies in DVD format, videocassettes are not the way to go, if you want to be able to see that movie for a long time. I am so relieved that I figured out how to get my old equipment to behave, so I could dub the movie from videocassette to DVDs. It WAS NOT EASY.


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