Journey of the Crakers

Hey folks, here is an update on the journey of the Crakers..

I am sorry to say we had to do an emergency run back home just a week into our trip away. 

Our car started grinding in the left rear wheel whilst braking when we were heading out of Dandenong to see my Father at Warragul and by Drouin we started to know we were in trouble. 

We visited the old boy and headed to the Poplars Campground in Noojee but going down the hill into Noojee we lost the rear brakes. 

We limped to the bottom and knew we had a major problem as far as the rest of the trip was going to go.

As our camper and most of the contents were wet from the previous weeks camps, we went out to the poplars which is relatively flat and open to the sun for part of the day in order to dry off an assess the situation. 

At Noojee our Optus phones and internet did not work so we could not contact anyone and so we settled in to the dry out and Saturday morning just before 11am we packed up and started to head back to civilisation. 

We were going to stay at the Crystal Brook Caravan Park in Warrandyte to get the brakes fixed at Ringwood as it was pet friendly but we rang the van park owner would not allow Sascha (our German Shepherd) in the park as he has banned GSDs and a few other breeds of dog. 

As soon as we were told it was a no no to stay there we decided to just head home and work something else out.

It was a very slow and easy trip home as the brakes were only operating about 50 percent efficiency and were grinding metal on metal with every press of the pedal as the rotors or disks and backing plates of the pads had come apart. Tips: choose best backpacking stove

They were done in 2010 and we think the towing of the caravan originally along with the new camper now may have been too much and caused them to fail under load.

Anyway, from waking at 6.30am Saturday morning we finally got home here at Rupanyup at about midnight after driving all day and I have just unpacked most stuff from the car and camper and it is just 1.30am..

The next post will be after a sleep and after I type up the last weeks story and some wonderful photos.

PS: This brake issue takes my tow vehicle off the road which certainly means that I have to try and get my brakes repaired before the weekend and sadly it may mean that we miss out on attending the get together with you all.

I will keep everyone posted and here's hoping that starting this Monday I can organise for them to fixed.

Cheers everyone.. 

PPS: Here is a photo of Sascha on her camp bed taken last Sunday at Wannon Falls, does she look like a troublesome, dangerous or noisy dog?
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