Why Study Magick?

The path of the Western Mysteries is not for everybody. It requires extraordinary honesty, dedication, persistence, and a deep commitment to change. Real magick requires a fundamentally balanced personality willing to take on the challenges of accelerated growth. The decision to embark on the magickal path should never be taken lightly—once begun, there is no turning back. It is a decision to trust one’s individual experience, and to take responsibility in all areas of one’s life. From the beginning, the student will perceive that the lessons he/she most needs to learn are delivered with astonishing clarity. Along the way, the student will be presented with many tests and difficulties unique to the Magickal path. The ability to learn from these experiences and thrive is the true measure of Initiation. Unlike most forms of religion, Magick has no central written codex of laws, and offers no easy answers. The laws under which it operates are uniform, but are discovered only through direct experience. To truly begin the path, then, is to commit oneself to a lifetime of discovery and sacrifice offered without reservation. For those few with the honesty and courage to choose this path there is no turning back. One can cease to practice, but the lessons will still be delivered on schedule in the life of the person who turns away. Opening oneself to the Innerworld opens the way to change at the deepest inner levels. Without the courage to confront and change all the aspects of your own Innerworld that will be presented, the risk of confusion and self-deception is great. Undertaking such study without the foundation of a balanced personality, and without clear knowledge of the best and worst aspects of one’s self, could be gambling with your sanity. Until you know firmly who you are, why take such a risk? Magick has a way of calling in old business that must be cleared before serious work can begin, and many who approach it decide to stop when they first experience encounter such obligations. Not everyone will find that dire consequences immediately ensue when they choose the Magickal Path. For those who choose it rightly, the speed at which things clear in their lives will be experienced with a distinct sense of relief. Magick is powerful, but it is foolish to undertake it as a quest for increased personal power. If you desire to be a master, rather than a servant, Magick is not for you. Before beginning, ask yourself, “What do I intend to do with my Magick?” Make no mistake, the only true answer for real magicians is “I desire to serve Spirit and humankind, and I am willing to take the risks to complete that service.”




Simple: Christian wives network.

Mirrors - Freudian-Bernays network & New Hampshire System - Sep 2015 fifth week spins - A perfect family to be an icon.

Christian wives network is a very strong network in USA - American media purposefully hide it from public view.

There is this pretty screwed up concept - a perfect family to be a presidential family and the system would go to enormous length in weeding out the rebellious ones.

And look at the end effect - most of the rape in USA happens in army. Why? Because this other section of "white women" who prefer to be silent witness or partner in crime. The system is going on great lengths that it remains a secret.

Remember they are happy to talk about men fucking men or woman fucking woman - it stills guards the secret. But it is the battered woman is considered too dangerous - because wife has a larger view - that is very typical of GCHQ.

Never ever trust a woman who forgives her husband adultery. A Christian woman would never ever do it - not in USA. And USA military is so screwed up one that they would have chaplins to give "christian dimension" but would be doing all the crimes in the world with priests turning a blind eye to them.

Remember USA would be going to at least three wars there are no doubts about it - but "blowback" would be very severe this time due to social media.

Why battered woman still live a family wed lock - because weaker sex would not have enough courage for change.

See they would not have a product to show to audience - they would be ashamed of being ashamed in people eyes.

The question is why they should care about people? It is their life if people deny social acceptance screw them - it is a free country. 



DVD Story

It looked like my old Sharp 2001 television was ready to konk out, so I spent all day today figuring out how to use my old DVD recorder and VCR (still working but showing signs of konking out) to dub my Japanese production on videocassette about my ancestors with English subtitles onto DVDs. It took me a loooong time to figure out how to do this. But I managed to do it after I almost gave up! This will save me lots of time on research and I may just go ahead and continue my work on my audio book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One. I just wanted to have that movie in a form that I could use and I have it now on DVD and am downloading the movie from DVD to my computer. So if my T.V. and VCR konk out, I haven't lost this valuable movie, which is a 35 hours mini-series in Japanese about my ancestors! When I realized that my television might die on me, I decided to make it top priority to get this production on DVD ASAP, and stop what I was doing, which was to type in the English subtitles by watching it on the old TV and typing the subtitles in on the computer version I have of the movie.

I now have it in a safe form and plan to back it up on my computer as well. Jesus won't let me buy a new T.V. So I am watching T.V. now on my computer, because I get a better picture. My old T.V. is going to konk out soon.

One of the videocassettes I had of the Japanese production is already messed up, but fortunately I have that on my computer. Now-a-days, you need to have your movies in DVD format, videocassettes are not the way to go, if you want to be able to see that movie for a long time. I am so relieved that I figured out how to get my old equipment to behave, so I could dub the movie from videocassette to DVDs. It WAS NOT EASY.



Journey of the Crakers

Hey folks, here is an update on the journey of the Crakers..

I am sorry to say we had to do an emergency run back home just a week into our trip away. 

Our car started grinding in the left rear wheel whilst braking when we were heading out of Dandenong to see my Father at Warragul and by Drouin we started to know we were in trouble. 

We visited the old boy and headed to the Poplars Campground in Noojee but going down the hill into Noojee we lost the rear brakes. 

We limped to the bottom and knew we had a major problem as far as the rest of the trip was going to go.

As our camper and most of the contents were wet from the previous weeks camps, we went out to the poplars which is relatively flat and open to the sun for part of the day in order to dry off an assess the situation. 

At Noojee our Optus phones and internet did not work so we could not contact anyone and so we settled in to the dry out and Saturday morning just before 11am we packed up and started to head back to civilisation. 

We were going to stay at the Crystal Brook Caravan Park in Warrandyte to get the brakes fixed at Ringwood as it was pet friendly but we rang the van park owner would not allow Sascha (our German Shepherd) in the park as he has banned GSDs and a few other breeds of dog. 

As soon as we were told it was a no no to stay there we decided to just head home and work something else out.

It was a very slow and easy trip home as the brakes were only operating about 50 percent efficiency and were grinding metal on metal with every press of the pedal as the rotors or disks and backing plates of the pads had come apart. Tips: choose best backpacking stove

They were done in 2010 and we think the towing of the caravan originally along with the new camper now may have been too much and caused them to fail under load.

Anyway, from waking at 6.30am Saturday morning we finally got home here at Rupanyup at about midnight after driving all day and I have just unpacked most stuff from the car and camper and it is just 1.30am..

The next post will be after a sleep and after I type up the last weeks story and some wonderful photos.

PS: This brake issue takes my tow vehicle off the road which certainly means that I have to try and get my brakes repaired before the weekend and sadly it may mean that we miss out on attending the get together with you all.

I will keep everyone posted and here's hoping that starting this Monday I can organise for them to fixed.

Cheers everyone.. 

PPS: Here is a photo of Sascha on her camp bed taken last Sunday at Wannon Falls, does she look like a troublesome, dangerous or noisy dog?
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